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Nicholas Smith

Born in Evansville, Indiana, I recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati, CCM with a Master's of Fine Arts Degree in Lighting Design and Technology.  I also obtained a Bachelor's of Science in Lighting Design, Theatre Arts at the University of Southern Indiana.  I have had the pleasure to work with many talented designers and directors throughout my undergraduate and graduate degrees. Working on projects from plays and musicals, to ballet, opera, film and more, I love the never ending challenge that the entertainment world presents; and the opportunity to work on something new with each project.  I strive to create cohesive works that draw attention when necessary, and are subtle simultaneously; lighting that evokes emotion and assists the audience to better understand the show without pulling them out of the moment to take note of it.  I hope to create designs that pull from each aspect of a show: the script/libretto, the scenery, the music, the costumes, the direction, and the action, and help to highlight each and bring them together to present the best story possible.


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